Silo load level and weighing system

Silo load level and weighing system


Load cells + weighing device

Our load cells together with the appropriate equipment provide the silo with a weighing system. The load cells are installed under the silo supports and connected to a connection box to output a single signal to the weighing equipment. Our different models of load cells adapt to the different capacities of each silo.

Sistemas de pesaje y nivel de carga en silos: Sensores de nivel de carga para silos.


Level sensors + weighing device

Our solution to measure the level of the silo content consists of one or several level sensors, which are connected to a weighing equipment. The sensors are easily installed by fixing them to the legs of the silos and although it can be connected to any Dinacell weighing equipment, we have developed an autonomous battery-powered weighing equipment. CNS sends the weight directly to the cloud, allowing it to be seen from our SilosApp application.

Logotipo aplicación SilosApp de Dinacell. Solución inteligente para el control remoto del contenido de los silos.


Smart solution for remote control of silo content

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Wireless Settings

With the silos instrumented with a weighing system, it is possible to add a gateway to the installation to send data to the cloud. These gateways can be connected via a communication bus to the weighing devices and send the data to the cloud via ethernet or a telephone data card.

Animación explicativa sobre la instalación de equipos Dinacell y su integración con el llenado del silo.


Compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones

The joint use of this application with the appropriate measurement equipment and gateway will allow you to control your installations efficiently and remotely. Once in the app, the dashboard gives you the option to manage connected equipment and monitor the consumption of silo content.

Allows you to know in real time the weight or level of the silo content

Facilitates the scheduling and management of order logistics

Avoid work accidents. It is no longer necessary to go up to check the weight

Optimize your consumption and working time

Allows you to generate email alerts with different levels of weights

Configure and control weighing equipment remotely

Access to consumption and a history of saved weights

Export data to a CSV table

Expansion and distribution

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