VK Load limiter devices, with the accuracy of 0.1%, are distinguished in the market for their great versatility in adapting and resolve any potential requirement as load limiter device for elevators.

Although this device only has one input channel, it could be used in scenarios with several load cells or sensors by using Dinacell summing boxes. This limiter is applicable in any measuring system like in ropes, chassis, under cabin, under bedframe, etc.

Among the wide variety of VK unit, different firmware’s included. Based on each model, different main features are included as:

  • Error detection
  • Chain compensation.
  • Three alarm relays.
  • Inhibition input (Hold).
  • Short-circuitable power supply (no fuse required).
VK Load limiter device for elevators. Compatible with multiple cells or sensors using Dinacell summing boxes. Valid for various measuring systems.

Main features

Additional information

Product Type

Measurement devices

Depending on the model

3 Relays, Analog outputs, Cabin display MB output

Ingress Protection


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