The SVD is a complete load limitation system, consisting of Load cell and unit control. Designed to measure the weight on the deformations in metal structures (steel beams) or in lifting systems such as elevators or freight lifts, where the variations of load through the entrance or exit of the load in the cabin, transmits the variation of the beam structure deformation measured by the sensor.

The installation of the SVD system can be done easily by placing it in a clean area of the supporting beam structure. Also, to improve the quality of the measurement on the weighing installation, the system integrates an additional USB input that allows the addition of a second SV-3000 beam sensor.

This system allows for the installation in a already finished lift constructed installation, making for an easy integration on load limiter in the elevator or freight lift.

SVD Load limiter cell and device for measuring deformations in metallic structures and lifting systems for elevators and hoists.

Main features

Additional information

Product Type

Load Cell, Load Weighing System



Nominal Deformation (με)


Ingress Protection


Depending on the model

3 Relays, Analog outputs, Cabin display MB output, CANopenLift CIA 417, NG technology

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