One of the simplest solutions for silo load level measurement is our SD-1000 sensor control system. The operation is based on the routing of the sensors in the support beams or legs of the silos detecting the micro deformations that occur in the structure, generated by the load. The SD-1000 cannot be installed in folded sheet metal silos because it requires a minimum thickness of 4mm.

For a proper installation, this sensor requires a very precise installation. At Dinacell we have developed a tool to facilitate and improve the accuracy of the installation.

SD-1000 Deformation sensor for silos. Detection of micro deformations in the silo structure generated by the load.

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Level Sensor

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SD-1000 TOOL

Our SD-1000 sensor control system is one of the simplest solutions for measuring the level of load in silos. The installation consists of embedding the sensors in the supports or legs of the silos, allowing the detection of micro-deformations produced in the structure due to the load.

For a correct installation of the SD1000 sensors we present the installation tool SD-1000 TOOL.


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