The RCUs have been specially designed for load limitation in elevators. These units have low energy consumption and can be connected in any type of installation by using different type of sensor application like on ropes, fixed point, under cabin & etc.

The RCUs are affordable units due to the price & quality ratio and an excellent solution for limiting the load of an elevator. Among its wide variety of range, you will find these main features:

  • 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V analog outputs.
  • Can Bus communication: CANopen-Lift CiA 417.
  • NG technology, with firmware update via USB.
  • Internal chain compensation function.
RCU Load limiter device for elevators. Low power consumption. Valid for any type of installation: ropes, fixed-point, under cabin,…

Main features

Additional information

Product Type

Measurement devices

Depending on the model

2 Relays, Analog outputs, Cabin display MB output, CANopenLift CIA 417, NG technology

Ingress Protection


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