The PFM series of sensors are a solution of sensors to be installed at the terminal fixed point of the cables in traction elevators. These sensors are installed to receive the weight of the fixed point in its entirety. The PFM models can be adapted to any arrangement of the cable terminals support plate, making it available to the builder for a complete solution.
The layout and design is for compressive loads of the sensors, on which it provides the system with great reliability and mechanical robustness.

Within the design of PFM models, we have developed a PFM-T model that allows the sensors to be installed or removed by loosening the traction cables without having to disassemble them completely, on which it makes easy for installation and maintenance.The aluminum or stainless-steel sensor bodies provide anti-corrosion resistance to extend the lifetime use.

PFM Load cell for fixed-point elevators. Adaptable, accurate and efficient. Complete solution for fixed-point sensors.

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Load Cell



Nominal Load kg

1000, 3000, 6000

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