The PFC load cells are a weighing solution at the fixed point of cables in traction elevators.

The advantages of the new design of the PFC sensor are as follows:

  •  This sensor has a low profile that improves weighing accuracy.
  • A new geometric design, for perfect stability when weighing at all angles.
  • Space saving and a lower height sensor.
  • No need to add washers to the installation.
  • Affordable with a competitive price.
  • Plug & play load cells (adjusted with a factory CELL). This allows for easy adjustment, without the need to enter a known weight, when using our measuring devices.
PFC Compression load cell. Terminal fixed-point weighing of ropes in traction elevators. They receive the fixed point weight individually per rope.

Main features

Additional information

Product Type

Load Cell



Nominal Load kg

1000, 300, 3500, 500

Ingress Protection


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