Omega devices are load limiters and rope tension control units. These controllers can obtain the individual data reading from up to 16 sensors. The unit can be connected to any controller through relay alarms or analogue outputs, as well as CAN communication. Features:

  • 4 relays and 5 alarms (full-load, overload, empty cabin, slack ropes, broken rope).
  • NG technology, with firmware updating via USB.
  • Sensor failure detection.
  • Chain compensation via software or hardware.
  • Short circuitable power supply: fuse not required.
OMEGA Load limiter device. Up to 16 individual sensor readings. Connection to controller by relays, analogue outputs or CANBUS.

Main features

Additional information

Product Type

Measurement devices

Depending on the model

4 Relays, Analog outputs, Cabin display MB output, CANopenLift CIA 417, NG technology

Ingress Protection


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