Single plate load cell optimal for a wide spectrum of applications.

Bending load cell.

Coming from the MP type cells, this cell called MPX is designed for the weighing of a maximum capacity of 50kg while maintaining the reliability and precision of its measurement.

By using a plate of up to 400x400mm and the appropriate measuring device, it is transformed into a scale of 50kg capacity. Being able to offer the same measurement reliability regardless of where the load is located. It is ideal for weighing tasks with very short cycles, such as those that occur in industrial weighing systems. Its most common uses are: part counting, process control, weighing of conveyor belts, weight control in automatic processes, etc.

MPX Load cell for weight variations up to 50kg capable of being converted into a scale with the appropriate Dinacell equipment.

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Other applications

Animal Weighing, Bagging Machines, Check Weighers, Dosing Systems, Dynamic Weighers, Multihead Weigher, Piece Counting Scales, Single Point Platform

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Load Cell

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Bending beam

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