The hydraulic pressure sensor CH-100 has been developed to measure and control the load of hydraulic elevators. The variations of load in the cabin by the entrance or exit of loads or passengers, turn into variations of pressure that converts the hydraulic pressure line into electrical signals measured our control systems.

The CH-100 occupies minimum space, and is installed in a way that it does not interrupt nor alter the flow of the hydraulic fluid. Installation can be done easily by using a T-adapter connection in any point of the pressure pipeline.

The CH-100 sensor is a robust and compact design that does not affect on the reliability of the pressure system. It has a measuring range of 0 to 100 bars, alowing the integration of a load limiter into the elevator or freight lift. The hydraulic sensor has the standard thread for the proper fitting and adapters are offered for other measures, allowing so to always have the solution for your installation.

These sensors are factory calibrated, so they can be used directly in an installation without using a known weight to calibrate it.

CH-100 Hydraulic pressure sensor for elevators, converts hydraulic line pressure into measurable electrical signals.

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