The CFH is a universal load cell and an excellent choice, for its attractive price-performance ratio. The design of this load cell is inspired by the bar bending principle and is specially designed to work in cantilever.

Thanks to its fully airtight welded design, the CFH is ideal for the use in more aggressive environments such as industrial or food processing applications. One of the main functions of this load cell is focused on weighing small tanks, hoppers or tanks. Its protection index provides the necessary safety for this type of application.

CFH Universal bending load cell. Fully airtight welded design. Ideal for aggressive environments such as industrial or food processes applications.

Main features

Additional information

Other applications

Bagging Machines, Dosing Systems, Hoppers Weighing, Lever System Platforms, Logistic (Pallet Trucks Weighing), Multihead Weigher, Platforms, Silos Weighing

Product Type

Load Cell

Working on

Bending beam

Nominal Load kg

10, 100, 1000, 20, 200, 30, 300, 50, 500

Ingress Protection


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