Load control on elevators

Load control on elevators


Load cells

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Fixed Point

System adapted to the measurement of the weight of the elevator from different points of the fixed point.

Under motor bedframe

Both models are installed under the motor bedframe. The BPP-CB model allows its fixing with screws.

Ropes and Belts

Depending on the model, it offers an individual weight signal or a set of ropes or belts.

Under Cabin

Measurement of the weight of the cabin with load cells that are installed in the elevator chassis.

Hydraulic system

System adapted to the measurement of the weight of the lift from different points of the hydraulic system.

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Equipos RCU y OMEGA como muestra del catálogo de equipos pesacargas de Dinacell Electrónica.


Load Weighing Devices

Our load weighing equipment, along with the appropriate sensors, is specially designed for load control in elevators. The main features of our equipment, depending on the model, can include:

Logotipo de la aplicación Tools Ng2: Desarrollada por Dinacell Electrónica para configurar equipos de control de carga y ajustar la tensión de cables y cintas en ascensores.

Tools ng2​

Application to configure the weighing devices and adjust the tension of the elevator ropes or belts

Free and compatible app for computers, tablets or smartphones:


Wireless Settings

With the silos instrumented with a weighing system, it is possible to add a gateway to the installation to send data to the cloud. These gateways can be connected via a communication bus to the weighing devices and send the data to the cloud via ethernet or a telephone data card.

Demostración visual: Conexión inalámbrica de un equipo pesacargas a un teléfono móvil a través de la aplicación Tools Ng2 de Dinacell Electrónica.
Interfaz de la aplicación Tools Ng2 visualizada en dispositivos inteligentes: ordenador de escritorio, tablet y teléfono móvil.


Easy adjustment for tension of ropes or belts.

The OMEGA devices controls the load of the elevator and can, depending on the type of sensor connected to it, individually measure the weight supported by each elevator cable or belt. By connecting a GD-WiFi gateway you can connect from the Tools ng2 app and from the assistant to measure the voltage check that it is correct.


Tool to measure and check the tension of ropes or belts in elevators

In order to measure and check the tension of the cables or belts, we have developed the RTM (for cables) or BTM (for tapes) sensors and the DELTA device. This autonomous device integrates a rechargeable battery. With the help of a mobile, tablet or computer you can manage the individual tension from the Tools ng2 app.

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