Interview with General Manager of Dinacell Electrónica

Dinacell Electrónica: 25 Years of Innovation in the Weighing Sector

This year, Dinacell Electrónica celebrates its 25th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its trajectory as a leader in the weighing sector. Founded in 1994, the company has evolved to become a benchmark in the manufacture of load cells and weighing equipment. On this occasion, we spoke with the CEO, Rafael González, to learn more about Dinacell’s evolution and its future goals.

Interview with Rafael González, General Manager of Dinacell Electrónica

Question: This year marks the 25th anniversary of the company. What is a load cell and where is it used?

Answer: A load cell is a device designed to measure the force applied through it, and this force is converted into an electrical signal that can be interpreted as weight or force depending on its design and calibration. At Dinacell Electrónica, we manufacture specialized and custom weighing systems and solutions that are applied in various areas such as load control in elevators, cranes, and load measurement in silos. These systems are essential for ensuring safety and efficiency in many industrial applications.

Question: How is the company structured today?

Answer: Dinacell’s evolution has been remarkable. We started as a small company and, over time, we have expanded our range of products and services. The first customers are always the hardest to get, but with a high-quality product and a dedicated team, we managed to make our way. Our focus on innovation and customization has allowed us to grow steadily.

Question: How is the company structured today?

Answer: Currently, Dinacell Electrónica is structured into several specialized divisions that focus on different weighing applications. We differentiate ourselves by offering custom solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our clients, with optimized delivery times. Our team is made up of experts in engineering, production, and customer service, allowing us to maintain high standards of quality and efficiency.

Goals for the Future

Looking to the future, Dinacell Electrónica is committed to continuing to lead in innovation within the weighing sector. Our goal is to continue developing advanced technological solutions that meet the changing needs of our clients. Additionally, we plan to expand our presence in international markets and strengthen our relationships with partners and suppliers.

A Special Thanks

On this 25th anniversary, we want to thank all our employees, clients, suppliers, and collaborators who have been part of this journey. Their support and trust have been fundamental to our success. We are excited about what the future holds and about continuing to provide high-quality weighing solutions.

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