Dinacell 25th Anniversary

¡Celebramos el 25 Aniversario de Dinacell Electrónica!

We Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Dinacell Electrónica!

Today is a very special day for Dinacell Electrónica as we celebrate our first 25 years of journey. Since our founding in 1994, we have grown and evolved thanks to the effort and dedication of our team, as well as the constant support of our partners, suppliers, and customers.

A Day of Celebration

To commemorate this significant date, we have organized a series of special activities that will allow all members of the great Dinacell family to enjoy and share together. Throughout the day, we will carry out various activities at our facilities, combining moments of reflection on our journey with recreational events to strengthen the bonds among all attendees.

A Journey Through Our History

The event will start with a presentation reviewing the most important milestones in our history. From our humble beginnings to becoming a benchmark in the technology and innovation sector, we will highlight the achievements that have marked our path. This presentation will include testimonies from veteran employees who will share their experiences and anecdotes.

Recognition to Our Collaborators

During the celebration, a recognition ceremony will be held for our most outstanding collaborators. We want to especially thank those who have been with us since the beginning, as well as those who have made exceptional contributions over the years. Their dedication and commitment have been fundamental to our success.

Recreational Activities and Networking

After the ceremony, we will have a space dedicated to recreational activities. Games and contests will be organized to foster team spirit and fun among all participants. Additionally, networking areas will be set up where attendees can exchange ideas and experiences, thus strengthening our professional relationships.

Looking to the Future

This 25th anniversary is not only an opportunity to celebrate our past but also to look to the future with enthusiasm and determination. At Dinacell Electrónica, we are committed to continuing to innovate and offer cutting-edge technological solutions that meet our clients’ needs and contribute to the sector’s progress.

Thank You All!

We want to express our most sincere gratitude to everyone who has been part of this incredible journey. Without your support and trust, we would not have come this far. We invite everyone to continue accompanying us on this exciting adventure that is Dinacell Electrónica.

For more details about our history and products, visit our website. You can also follow us on our social media to stay updated with our latest news and updates.

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