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Who we are?

Since 1994 Dinacell Electrónica has developed several projects in the field of the load cells with applications in different industrial sectors, such as cranes, automotive industry, industrial weighing and handling, silos and elevators. The concept of our work involves the whole process of a load weighing system, including the design and manufacturing of the load cells as well as the electronic devices such as displays and controllers.

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The company, located in Madrid (Spain), has in present day a world-wide distribution offering its high quality products with very competitive prices and a special customers service to several countries all around the world.

Dinacell counts on qualified and competent people who contribute with their large experience, around 20 years, to the continue improvement and development of the company to raise it to the top. Recently this load weighing device manufacturer had the aim of improving the quality of the products by establishing modern installations that meet the ESD requirements, as well as qualified staff who work according to the IPC standards. This allows a higher quality control in every step of the production process.

During these years the company has won its clients confidence by the good quality of the products and an effective post sales service based on a personal attention to the customers.