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Dinacell in a new Interlift edition

Dinacell, as usually, took part as exhibitor in 2017 Interlift edition, bi-annual exhibition which was held in Augsburg, Germany. Interlift became one more time as a focus of great attraction in the sector, receiving visitors from all five continents...


Dinacell is exhibiting in Interlift 2017 in Augsburg

Dinacell Electrónica s.l. is participating in this new edition of Interlift, as every edition...


Dinacell takes part on IEE Expo Elevator Dhaka 2015

A new market for Dinacell Load Weighing Devices: Bangladesh.


Dinacell is back in IEE Mumbai

After taking part last 2012 together with the distributor Sree Gajanana, Dinacell Electrónica is again in Mumbai for this new edition of the IEE Expo.


Opening of Dinacell Subsidiary in Hong Kong

Hong Kong
In a new global expansion scenery, Dinacell has the commitment to enhance the service to our Asian clients.


The Dinacell Electrónica’s New Generation in Interlift 2013

The international biennial lift exhibition of Augsburg (Germany) has been the site where Dinacell Electrónica has launched the NG, the New Generation of load weighing devices for elevators


Opening of Dinacell Subsidiary in Uruguay

Our company Dinacell Electrónica has established this current year 2013 a subsidiary in Montevideo (Uruguay)


Dinacell is back in solids weighing at Powtech 2013

Powertech 2013
After taking part in Exposólidos exhibition last February, Dinacell Electrónica is back in industrial weighing events. .


Dinacell is present in Asänsor 2013

Asänsor 2013
Dinacell Electrónica was present in the Asänsor Istambul lift exhibition with the turkish distributor PinarMühendislik. .


Dinacell is back in India for Techforum 2013

Techforum 2013
After taking part last year in IEE Expo Mumbai together with the distributor company Sree Gajanana Enterprises, Dinacell Electrónica was this year again in India for the IEE Techforum in Bangalore.


Dinacell presents new products in Eurotier 2012

Eurotier 2012
New Dinacell products in year 2012 were launched on the field of Silos Weighing with the presentation of the CFRT load cell and the MLS device..


Dinacell takes part in Exposolidos 2013

Exposolidos 2013
The weighing system for silos, that consist of load cell CFRT and MLS device, presented in Eurotier 2012, was also the star product of Dinacell Electrónica in Exposolidos,the international exhibition for the technology and processing of solids.


Dinacell is taking part in IEE Expo 2012

IEE Expo 2012
Dinacell Electrónica has taken part in the elevator exhibition in Mumbai together with its distributor in India, the company Sree Gajanana Enterprises.


Dinacell is taking part in Interlift 2011

Interlift 2011
One more time Dinacell will be exhibitor in Interlift fair. This year we are presenting two new products: the SWR sensor for ropes and the USB interface to connect the sensors that work in group.


Dinacell in Lift Milan 2010 (Italy)

Lif Milan 2010
After the distribution agreement with Movilift reached last year 2009 for the Italian market, Dinacell Electrónica takes part with this distributor in the biennial lift exhibition in Milan. The event was held from 17th to 20th November in the exhibition centre Fiera Milano.

Dinacell in the 1st Euro-Lift in Poland

Euro-Lift Poland
The Polish Association of Lifts Manufacturers has organized the first exhibition for the polish national market of vertical transportation, and Dinacell Electrónica has taken part together with the distributor in this country Autivox. This event was held in Kielce from 20th to 22nd of last October. The star Dinacell product was the new Rope Tension Kit (Omega 800-R + RTM sensor), that also provides information about the car weight (CWT) and the counterweight (CTWT).

Dinacell in the 61st NAEC Convention and Exposition (USA)

NAEC Convention and Exposition
Dinacell Electrónica has kept the annual appointment with NAEC exhibition in the USA together with the distributor EMCO. This year the event was held in Cincinnati (Ohio) from 27th to 30th of last September. The new load weighing device with rope tension control (Omega 806 + RTM sensor) was introduced by this event to the American market.

New Rope Tension Kit

Omega 800R
Dinacell Electrónica launches this autumn a new system for rope tension measuring. Presented in a useful suitcase, the kit includes the controller Omega 800-R and the RTM sensors.

The system was presented last august in the Expo-Elevador exhibition in Brazil. It will be shown again next 20-22 October in Lift Exhibition in Kielce (Poland). Please download the information in pdf HERE.